Corporate Overview

Kwong Hing Investment (KHI) Group is a privately held investment holding and operating group of companies. Since its inception in 1947, KHI has gone from strength to strength investing strategically according to the following core values:

Strength Through

KHI has built an enviable track record through a balanced and mature investment portfolio. Today the Group is engaged in commercial and residential real estate development, holding and management; direct investment in various sectors and management of its own portfolio of financial assets.

Global Reach

As well as diversifying financially, KHI has expanded geographically since its Hong Kong beginnings. The Group has invested in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, the U.S.A. and the U.K.

Opportunistic Investment

KHI invests when it finds the right opportunity. Investment is driven by potential for growth and returns. The Group will capitalise on the opportunity to invest counter-cyclically or in new markets in order to maximise returns.

Speed and Flexibility

The Group is solely held by the Hong Kong-based Fu family. A non-bureaucratic structure enables KHI to act decisively when opportunities arise.

Value in Partnership

KHI believes in the value of partnering with market experts around the world. At the same time, the Group's experience and flexibility make it a sought-after investment partner.

Professional Management

KHI's management comprises of qualified professionals in relevant fields such as accountancy, legal and property development, with particular experience in corporate finance, investment banking, financial asset and real estate management. This cumulative expertise is applied actively to add value to the Group's investment. The management team takes a long-term investment horizon and manages conservatively for growth and returns.