Heritage and Milestones

KHI is proud of its heritage as a family business. In 1947, Y.C. Fu established the Tak Kee Shipping & Trading Company in Hong Kong. The process of diversification began when the company identified a plot of land in Hong Kong’s Central District on which it built Fu House in 1952. Y.C.’s defining principles of conservatively managed growth and diversification came to characterize the company, and the current Chief Executive, Adrian Fu, has continued to steer KHI’s growth in line with these core values.

KHI’s flagship property development was in the construction, management, public flotation and the subsequent exit of Furama Hotel Enterprises Limited. The company opened the first Furama in Hong Kong in 1973 as a 500-room hotel that set standards for business hotels in Asia. A further hotel was opened in Hong Kong in 1989, along with others in China and Vietnam. In 1997, KHI and other investors made a successful exit from the investment with significant returns.

Investment, development and management of prime real estate in Hong Kong and overseas remain the group’s cornerstone business. In addition, KHI’s portfolio interests have expanded to financial assets and direct investments. The first direct investment in 1955, of a Hong Kong textile and garment manufacturer, led the way to other successful investments that have included mezzanine funding in the UK and Thai property markets, first round capital investment in one of China’s largest on-line recruitment agencies and a number of other start-ups.

The Group’s foresight and ability to combine property, asset management with direct investment has been highly complementary, ensuring it steady liquidity and momentum for continued prosperity.


  • Acquisition of Crystal Tower in Shanghai, China

  • Stella Argenta in Tokyo, Japan sold.


  • Enhancement work on Walsingham House in London, U.K. completed.

  • Acquisition of 277 William Street, Melbourne, Australia.


  • Acquisition of Bingomachi Yamaguchi Gen Building in Osaka, Japan.

  • 21 Lime Street development in London, U.K. completed.

  • Storia Shinagawa in Tokyo, Japan sold.

  • AXA Southside development in Hong Kong completed.

  • Shouson Hill detached houses in Hong Kong sold.


  • Commence enhancement work on Walsingham House in London, U.K.

  • Hermitage in Tokyo, Japan sold.


  • Completed sale of strata-titled Meguro Homes in Tokyo, Japan.

  • 21 Lime Street in London, U.K. sold. KHI retains developer role.


  • Acquisition of Lunar Portfolio in U.K.

  • Investment in Sanjiaoyu Project in Jinan, PRC.

  • Investment in Chainway ITS Co. Ltd..

  • Bella Vista No.6 in Tokyo, Japan sold.

  • Wacoro Daikanyama in Tokyo, Japan sold.


  • Caledonian Exchange in Edinburgh, U.K. sold.

  • 2


  • Interest in Indonesia textile and garment manufacturer sold.


  • The Equinox in Glasgow, U.K. sold.


  • Acquisition of Trinity Real Estate Development (Shanghai) Company Limited, a wholly-owned foreign enterprise in China.


  • Second block, Kellett Grove in Hong Kong sold.

  • Investment in ChinaHR.com sold to Monster Worldwide, Inc..


  • Interest in The Edinburgh Waterfront development project in Edinburgh, U.K. sold.

  • Centurion House in London, U.K. sold.

  • Interest in The River development project in Bangkok, Thailand sold.

  • 10


  • Furama Danang Resort opens.

  • Furama Hotel Enterprises sold.

  • First Japan investment – Bella Vista No.6, Tokyo.


  • Ground breaking for China hotel.

  • 4


  • First U.S. investment – Campton Place Hotel, San Francisco.

  • First U.K. investment Nightingale House, London.

  • 3


  • Majestic Hotel opens in Hong Kong.

  • 4


  • Furama Hotel Enterprises Ltd. listed in Hong Kong.

  • 12


  • Furama Hotel opens in Hong Kong.

  • 18


  • First direct investment – Hong Kong textile and garment manufacturer.

  • 2


  • First residential development – Raceview Mansions, Hong Kong.


  • First commercial development – Fu House, Hong Kong.

  • 5


  • Kwong Hing Investment (KHI) and Tak Kee Shipping & Trading Companies were founded by Y.C. Fu in Hong Kong.

  • 1947